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Common Classical Ensembles

String Quartet Two violins, viola, cello
Often used at wedding ceremonies, for background music at parties and corporate events, dinners, etc. This ensemble is best suited for traditional classical repertoire by composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms; and other four-part music.

String Trio    Violin, viola, cello
Popular for weddings, background music at parties, corporate events, dinners; similar in sound to a string quartet but with a slightly different repertoire and a smaller sound.

Flute, Violin, Cello

A configuration most popular for wedding ceremonies; uses are similar to that of a string trio, but the flute gives the ensemble a brighter, lighter sound.

Flute & Harp
Good for background music; nice, light sound with music mainly from the Baroque period (for example: J.S. Bach, Teleman, Vivaldi).

Violin & Cello
Color and repertoire similar to that of a string trio, but best used in smaller group settings.

Flute & Guitar or Guitar Duo
A light, delicate sound; good for close, intimate settings as background music.

Flute & Violin or Flute & Cello
For uses similar to those of trios, but can be used as background for smaller groups of people.


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